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Volume 14 Issue 1 June 2022
Issue DOI:10.56018/202206


Editorial by Dr Rakesh S Joshi

Original Research Articles

1. Comparison of the Haemodynamic Response to Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation with Etomidate versus Propofol-Ketamine and Thiopentone-Ketamine in Lumber Spine associated Surgery: A Randomized Interventional Study
Dr Sanjeev Kumar1, Dr. Sunita Meena2*, Dr. Shobha Purohit 3, Dr. Mamta Sharma4
Vol-14(1),June 2022, Page No. 5-11
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022061
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2. Impact of the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and training of ophthalmology residents doing COVID duties in Gujarat
Dr. Pradnya K Bhole1*, Dr. Farhad Mansuri2, Dr. Kshitij Gandhi3, Dr. Dipali Parmar4, Dr. Sanket Oza5
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 12-19
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022062
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3. A Comparative Study of Induction of Labour Vs Expectant Management in Pregnant Females from 39 weeks to 41 weeks of Pregnancy
Dr Divyeshkumar Panchal1, Dr Vandana Saini2*, Dr Shailee Bhatt3
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 20-27
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022063
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4. A Comparative Study of Stapler Versus Handsewn Gastrointestinal Anastomosis
Dr. Shaishav V Patel1, Dr. Kalpit R Suthar2, Dr. Dhruv N. Shah3*, Dr. Hitesh Kumar Tourani4, Dr. Ashwin P Godbole5, Dr. Yuvrajsinh Rathod6
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 28-32
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022064
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5. Prevalence of Retinopathy of Prematurity and Its Associated Risk Factors in Pre-Term Neonates - A Cross-Sectional Study Conducted in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Ahmedabad
Dr. Bela Shah 1, Dr Dhara Gosai 2, Dr Hardik Shah 3, Dr Divya Prajapati 4*
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 33-40
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022065
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6. Clinical Study of Different Modalities for Management of Ventral Hernia Repair
Dr. Sameer G. Parikh 1, Dr. Jainam K. Shah 2, Dr. Viraj D. Patel 3, Dr. Yogesh N. Modiya 4*, Dr. Keyur N. Surti 5, Dr. Nilesh J. Patel 6
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 41-47
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022066
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7. A Study About Distribution of Various Social Security Schemes among the Elderly utilising them
Dr. Rajan K. Parmar 1*, Dr. Mitesh K. Patel 2, Dr. Rajshree J. Bhatt 3, Dr Bansi J. Trivedi 4, Jani Shivani Utpal 5
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 48-52
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022067
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8. A Study of Vacuum Assisted Closure Dressing in 50 Cases Of Patients of Diabetic Limb
Dr. Kirit D Parmar 1, Dr. Pratik H Vyas 2, Dr. Yajurvendra Gohil 3, Dr. Jaydeep A Maheshwari 4*, Dr. Dharmik B Gondalia 5, Dr. Bhargav M Vasiyani 6
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 53-57
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022068
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9. Morphometrical Study of Human Adult Dry Hip Bones in Gujarat Region
Dr. Ajay M. Parmar 1*, Dr. Urmila N. Pateliya 2, Dr. Jatin B. Goda 3, Dr. Hitesh Babel 4
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 58-62
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022069
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10. Epidermal Appendageal Tumours-Histopathological Study At A Tertiary Care Hospital
Dr. Biren Parikh 1, Dr. Swati Parikh 2*, Dr. Bhoomika Chaudhari 3, Dr. Tanvi Patel 4, Dr. Jigar Suthar 5
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 63-70
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220610
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11. A study of epidemiological and clinical features in children with COVID-19 infection admitted at tertiary care hospital
Dr Sweety M Patel 1, Dr Bijal S Shah 2*, Dr Aasheeta S Shah 3, Dr Dharaben P Desai 4, Dr Arpit D Viroja 5, Dr Mauli D Kansagra 6
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 71-77
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220611
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12. Riedel’s Lobe as Morphological Variations of the Human Liver and Its Clinical Implications
Dr Manisha Chaudhari 1*, Dr H. R. Jadav 2, Dr T. C. Single 3
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 78-81
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220612
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13. Benign Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors: A 10 Year Hospital Based Study
Malik Abdul Rouf 1*, Shayesta Ali 2, Altaf Rehman Kirmani 3, Abdul Rashid Bhat 4
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 82-89
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220613
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14. Pheocromocytoma of Adrenal gland - A Rare Tumor: Case Series
Dr. Parikh UR 1*, Dr. Goswami HM 2, Deliwala DJ 3, Parikh SR 4, Barot AH 5
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 90-93
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220614
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15. Evan’s Syndrome: Case Series with Review of Literature
Dr Dhara Patel 1, Dr Sangita Shah 2, Dr Nidhi Bhatnagar 3, Dr Mamta Shah 4, Dr Garima Thakkar 5*, Dr Rajvi Vora 6
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 94-100
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220615
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16. A Case Series of Indian Red Scorpion Bite and Rare Clinical Presentation of Central Nervous System
Dr. Nirav Patel 1*, Dr. Megh Shah 2, Dr. Yash Patel 3
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 101-105
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220616
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17. A Case Series on Morphological Variations of Biceps Brachii in Adult Human Cadavers and its Clinical Implications
Ramanathan Shalini 1*, Kaliyaperumal Pushpa 2, Jayamurugavel Gayathri 3, Thiagarajan Sivakami 4
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 106-110
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220617
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18. Kawasaki disease like presentation of Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children - A Case report
Dr Gargi H Pathak 1, Dr Anuya V Chauhan 2, Dr Priyanka Goswami 3*
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 111-114
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220618
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19. Valsalva Retinopathy : A Case Report
Dr. Damini Patel 1, Dr. Geeta Sonarkar 2*, Dr. Nikita Goel 3, Dr. Somesh Agrawal 4, Dr. Neha Desai 5
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 115-118
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220619
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20. A Rare Case Report of Disseminated Cysticercosis
Dr. Jignesh Jethva 1*, Dr. Purvi R. Bhagat 2, Dr. Rutvi Parmar 3, Dr Farhad Mansuri 4
Vol-14(1), June 2022, Page No. 119-123
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20220620
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