Peer Review Policy

The peer review process can be summarized as below:

Manuscript Submission:

The corresponding or submitting author submits the manuscript to the journal. This is usually via mail editorbjkines@gmail.com.

Journal includes review articles, original research articles, short communications, etc. of medical sciences after being peer reviewed by esteemed faculties of medical science. The journal has a team of editors for each specialty from different parts/states of India.

Editorial Office Assessment:

The journal checks the manuscript’s composition, plagiarism check and arrangement according to the journal’s Author Guidelines to make sure it includes the required sections and specifications.

Review by the Chief Editor:

The Chief Editor checks that the manuscript is appropriate for the journal and is sufficiently original and interesting. If not, the manuscript may be rejected without being reviewed any further.

Chief Editor Assigns an Editor:

The Chief Editor will assign manuscript to any one of the Editor who handle the peer review.

Invitation to Reviewers:

The handling editor sends invitations to individuals he or she believes would be appropriate reviewers. The guiding template for the review of the manuscript is also provided to the reviewers to ensure the reviewing process uniformity.

Response to Invitations:

Potential reviewers consider the invitation against their own expertise, conflicts of interest and availability. They then accept or decline. If possible, when declining, they might also suggest alternative reviewers.

Double-blind peer review process in brief:

The editor makes initial evaluation of submitted script, and if finds suitable, manuscript is sent to one or two peer reviewers having specialization in the concerned field. Once the reviews are returned, the editor evaluates these and makes an initial recommendation [reject, accept, request minor/major correction].

The manuscript, with reviewer's comments, is sent back to the author. Once the author submits the revised manuscript, the editor reviews the revised manuscript and reaches the decision on the manuscript. The editor may send the manuscript back to the reviewer if s/he finds it necessary.

The criteria used for acceptance of a given manuscript are determined by the reviewer reports.

The Decision is Communicated:

The decision regarding the manuscript is communicated to the author through email including any relevant reviewer comments. The comments are anonymous.

Further Steps:

If accepted, the manuscript is sent to production. If the article is rejected or sent back for either major or minor revision, the handling editor should include constructive comments from the reviewers to help the author improve the article. If the manuscript was sent back for revision, the reviewers should expect to receive a new version, unless they have opted out of further participation. However, where only minor changes were requested this follow-up review might be done by the handling editor.