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Volume 13 Issue 2 December 2021


Editorial by Dr Rakesh S Joshi

Original Research Articles

1. Haematological Changes Before And After Haemodialysis At Tertiary Care Hospital
Ravani Mudita M1, Shah Pragnesh H2*, Shah Akshat P3
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 5-11
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2. Thyroid Function Test Alteration In Infertile Females
Dr. Vidhi Patel1*, Dr. Asha Khubchandani2, Dr. Swapnil Patel3, Dr. Drishya Nair4, Dr. Meet Kharsadiya5
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 12-14
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3. Hematological Findings In Various Hemoglobinopathies : A 3 Years Study At Tertiary Care Centre
Dr. Yagnik Prafulchandra Tank1, Dr. Bansari Dilipkumar Thakkar2, Dr. Alpeshkumar Maheshbhai Maru3, Dr. Anandkumar Aravindbhai Kanasagara4*
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 15-21
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4. A Single Centre Prospective Study of Cardiorenal Syndrome: Subtypes, Risk Factors and Outcome
Dr. Vishal Parmar1, Dr. Chintal Vyas2, Dr. Jyoti Vora3,Dr. Pankaj Garg4* Dr. S.T. Malhan5
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 22-32
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5. Morphometric Study Of Odontoid Process Of Axis Vertebrae In North Gujarat Population
Dr Hetal H Modi1*, Dr. Hiteshkumar M. Chauhan2, Dr. Himanshu K. Prajapati3, Dr Yogesh M Umrania4
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 33-40
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6. The Combined Diagnostic Role of Digital Rectal Examination, Prostate Specific Antigen, Transrectal Ultrasound and Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Biopsy to Differentiate
Ershad Hussain Galeti1*, Mriganka Deuri Bharali2, Saqib Shahab33, Karanam Panduranga Rao4, Rajaboina Yakaiah5
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 41-49
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7. Evaluation of Patient’s Perspective Regarding Usage of Post Partum Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (PPIUCD) at a Tertiary Care Hospital
Dr Rajal V Thaker1, Dr Vaishali P Panchal2, Dr Pratibha V Jikadra3, Dr Kavyakumari S Patel4*, Anilkumar K Charel5
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 50-57
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8. Analysis Of Caesarean Section Rate at Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital According to Robson’s Ten Group Classification
Dr Raxita D Patel1*, Dr Vaishali P Panchal2, Dr Ami A Patel3, Dr Dipesh Mehta4
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 58-65
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9. To Study The Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern Of Organisms Responsible For Post Operative Wound Infection
Apeksha M Ghule1*, Mangala Ghatole2, Virendra Kashetty3
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 66-74
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10. Assessment Of Students’ Perception Of Learning And Students’ Perception Of Teachers At GMERS Medical College Vadnagar
Dr. Tushar V Nayak1*, Dr. Niyati Parikh2
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 75-80
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11. Comparison of Dexmedetomidine, Lignocaine, and their combination in attenuation of cardiovascular responses to tracheal extubation in controlled hypertensive patients
Dr. Hardul V. Modi1*, Dr. Monika2, Dr. S.K. Shah3
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 81-88
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12. Clinical ,Immunological & Haematological Profile Of Systemic Lupus Erythematous Patients attending Tertiary Care centre : A Cross-sectional study.
Dr Atanu Thakur1, Dr Satarupa Dash2*, Dr Sushree Priyadarsini Satapathy3
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 89-96
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Case Reports

13. MRI And USG Diagnosis Of Unicornuate Uterus With An Obstructed Rudimentary Horn: A Case Report
Dr. Nikunj Patel1, Dr. Chetan Bhatt2*, Dr. Umang Mangukiya3
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 97-103
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14. Tumoral Calcinosis: A Rare Presentation In Sacrococcygeal Region
Sheth Sandeep1, Joshi Mauli M2*, Parikh Loma G3, Patel Bhavin4
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 104-107
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15. Type IV Mucopolysaccharidosis (Morquio Syndrome) – a rarity in Ophthalmology
Dr. Snehal J. Nayi1, Dr. Purvi R. Bhagat2, Dr. Vaibhavi G. Patel3*, Dr. Sanket V. Oza4, Dr Tejal R. Garasiya5
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 108-112
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16. A Patient of Multiple Myeloma with Absent M (BAND)!!
Dr. Parita Trada1*, Dr. Monila Patel2, Dr. Akash Dholakiya3, Dr Mehul Pandya4, Dr Krunal Vachchani5
Vol-13(2), December 2021, Page No. 113-118
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