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Volume 12 Issue 1 June 2020


Editorial by Dr Bela H Shah

Original Research Articles

1. A study of the effect of Glaucoma and its management on the quality of life of patients.
Dr. Purvi Bhagat1, Dr. Pratik Savalia2, Dr. Snehal Nayi3*
Vol-12(1), June 2020, Page No. 1-8
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2. A study of fetal weight and various fetal biometric parameters during the mid-gestational period (14-26 week) for the Gujarati population by autopsy method.
Dr. Ashok Nirvan1, Dr. Rashmikant Dave2, Dr. Jitendra Patel3*, Dr. Ashish Pandya4
Vol-12(1), June 2020, Page No. 9-17
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3. Tuberculosis in ENT. Dr. Chaitry Shah1, Dr. Chinmayee Joshi2*, Dr. Bela Prajapati3*, Dr. Nandini Gupta4, Dr. Kajal Italiya5
Vol-12(1), June 2020, Page No. 18-24
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4. Relationship between the Fetal body weight and the Fetal kidney weight at different gestational ages of developing human fetuses in Gujarati population.
Dr. Rashmikant Dave1, Dr. Ashok Nirvan2, Dr.MB Vyas3*
Vol-12(1), June 2020, Page No. 25-33
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Case Reports

5. Sacralisation of fifth lumbar vertebra: A case report.
Dr. Devanshi Vaishnav1*, Dr. Dipali Trivedi2, Dr. Sucheta Chaudhary3
Vol-12(1), June 2020, Page No 34-38
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6. A Case report: Unilateral synostosis of first sternocostal joint. Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj1*, Dr. Paras Shrimankar2, Dr. Sucheta Chaudhary3
Vol-12(1), June 2020, Page No 39-41
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