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Volume 14, Issue 2, December 2022
Issue DOI: 10.56018/202212

1. Study of comparison of effect and complications of intravitreal triamcinolone injection of 1 mg, 2 mg and 4 mg in macular edema of vascular origin
Dr Kajal Kataria1*, Dr. Jignesh Gosai2, Dr.Jignasa Makvana 3
Vol-14(2),December 2022, Page No. 5-12
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022121
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2. Socio-health seeking profile of women in Post Menopausal Age group: A study in a Rural block of Ganjam district, South Odisha
Dr. Sushree Priyadarsini Satapathy1, Dr.Rabinarayan Dash2*
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 13-21
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022122
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3. Adherence to “Mask Wearing” Behavior among Visitors of Corona OPD at First Designated COVID Hospital in Gujarat during First Wave: A Lesson for Future
Dr Kinner Patel1, Dr Mansi Chauhan2, Dr Dinesh Rathod3 Dr Vaishali Patel1* Dr A Bhagyalaxmi4 Dr Devang Raval5
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 22-27
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022123
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4. Study of Quality of life of family caregivers of hospitalized COVID-19 patients
Gunjan Solanki1, Dr. Chitra Singh2, Dr. Siddharth sharma2, Dr. Neeraj Gadwal3*, Dr. Richa Jain4,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 28-33
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022124
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5. Active Screening for Tuberculosis Among Street Sweepers in Ahmedabad City
Dr. Devang Raval1, Dr Parimal Patel2*, Dr Radhika Sharma3, Dr Kedar Mehta4
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 34-41
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022125
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6. A prospective study in management of lumbar radiculopathy patients with selective nerve root block
Dr. Shah Shaival Kalpesh1, Dr. Pradeep E2*, Dr. Sathik Babu3, Dr. Arun Kumar KV2, Dr. Thirumal4
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 42-46
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022126
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7. Functional outcome following arthroscopic single row repair in degenerative rotator cuff tear
Dr. Pradeep E1, Dr. Arun Kumar KV1*, Dr. Manu Ampalaya2, Dr Shah Shaival Kalpesh3,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 47-52
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022127
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8. Functional and radiological outcome following proximal fibular osteotomy in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a prospective study
Dr. Arun Kumar KV1, Dr. Pradeep E1*, Dr. Ashwini2, Dr. Shah Shaival Kalpesh2,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 53-58
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022128
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9. Comparative Evaluation of Biofilm Detection Methods among Uropathogenic Gram-Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria Isolated from Catheterized Urine Sample and its antibiogram
Deepthi T1*, Ramani Bai JT2, Ashish Jitendranath3,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 59-65
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines2022129
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10. Study of Gross Congenital Anomalies in the Tertiary Care Hospital
Dr. Rina V Patel1, Dr. Purav R Patel2, Dr. Payal Panchal3, Dr. Kruti J Deliwala4*, Dr. Parul T Shah5 Dr. Neha Mistry6
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 66-70
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221210
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11. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Diabetes Mellitus among Adults residing in Field-Practice area of B. J. Medical College, civil hospital, Ahmedabad
Dr Rajshree J Bhatt1, Dr Mitesh K Patel2, Dr Rajan K Parmar3*, Miss Dhanvi Deliwala4,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 71-77
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221211
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12. Comparison of ER, PR Reactivity Pattern with Histologic Grade, Tumor Size and Lymph Node Status in Breast Cancer
Dr Rohit Bhalara1, Dr Darshan Doshi2, Dr Khushboo Peshivadia3 Dr Ravi Kothari4* Dr Shruti katkoria4 Dr Gauravi Dhruva5
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 78-83
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221212
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13. To Describe Clinical Profile and Meticulous Documentation in Ocular Medico-Legal Cases at Tertiary Hospital in Ahmedabad
Dr Vijay Damor1*, Dr Anupama Mahant2, Dr Rabab Ginwala3,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 84-89
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221213
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14. Evaluation of Drug Use with a Focus on Prostaglandin Analogues and Assessment of Medication Adherence and Quality of Life in Patients with Primary Open Angle Glaucoma: A Prospective Study at a Tertiary Care Eye Hospital.
Shailja Shah1, Reema Raval2, Supriya Malhotra3*,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 90-98
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221214
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15. Comparative Study for Estimation of Fetal Weight by Various Clinical Methods and its Correlation with Actual Birth Weight
Dr Tejalben Kansara1, Dr Nikhil Anand2*, Dr Neha Makwana1,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 99-105
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221215
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16. Functional Outcome of Arthroscopic Reconstruction of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Using Semitendinosis-Gracilis Graft
Dr. Pradeep E1, Dr. Arun Kumar KV1*, Dr. Hemanth Kumar2 Dr. Shah Shaival Kalpesh2
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 106-111
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221216
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17. Prevalence of Methicillin Resistance Staphylococci (MRS) from Neonatal Septicemia and Comparative Evaluation of Newer Rapid Latex Agglutination Method with Conventional Methods for diagnosis of MRS
Disha A Patel1*, Kiran Patel2, Jigar Daivik3, Mira Bhut3 Arzoo Ajola3 Mahendra Vegad4
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 112-119
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221217
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18. Comparison of Effect of Dexmedetomidine Versus Lignocaine on Haemodynamic Response and Quality of Extubation In Patients Undergoing Interventional Neuroradiological Procedures: A Randomized Double-Blind Interventional Study
Dr Mamta Sharma1, Neelam Thagaria2, Dr Jeetam Singh Meena3 Dr Sunita Meena4*
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 120-128
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221218
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19. The Epidemiology, Etiology and Short Term Visual Outcome of Paediatric Ocular Emergencies in Tertiary Care Centre
Dr Jayadatt Patel1, Dr. Reema Raval2, Dr. Kintu S Shah3, Dr. Mrugesha Vaghela4*,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 129-134
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221219
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20. Study of calcaneal spur and its correlation with the talar articular facets of calcanei
Dr.Devanshi Vaishnav1*, Dr. Dipali Trivedi2, Dr. Jyoti Bhardwaj3,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 135-139
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221220
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Case Series

21. Case Series of Cardiac Metastasis in 3 Cases – An Autopsy Experience, Tertiary Care Centre
Dr. Grishma A Mehta1*, Dr. Ami M Shah2, Dr. Hansa M Goswami3,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 140-143
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221221
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Case Report

22. An accidental ocular alkali injury-a case report on effective management and successful outcome
Dr. Dipali P. Parmar1*, Dr. Nikhil B. Adroja2, Dr. Pradnya K. Bhole1,
Vol-14(2), December 2022, Page No. 144-147
DOI Link: 10.56018/bjkines20221222
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