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Volume 12 Issue 2 December 2020


Editorial by Dr Hansa M Goswami

Original Research Articles

1. Estimation of thyroid profile in Type II diabetes mellitus.
Dr Asha Khubchandani1, Dr Vijaysinh Parmar2*, Dr Parth Thakore3, Dr Disha Gajjar4
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 1-6
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2. A comparative study of Post-aural approach and End-aural approach for Type-1 tympanoplasty.
Dr. Kinnari Rathod1*, Dr. Alpesh Patel2, Dr. Nehal Patel3, Dr. Vijay Laungani4, Dr. Shivani Lashkari5, Dr. Vaishali Asodiya6
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 7-15
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3. Biochemical analysis in patients of hepatitis and cirrhosis.
Dr Asha Khubchandani1, Dr. Disha Gajjar2*, Dr. Drishya Nair3, Dr. Parth Thakore4
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 16-20
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4. Morphometric measurement of Human femur in Gujarati population and their significance.
Dr. Naimish Bhojak1, Dr. Samir Ram2*, Dr. Jalpa Desai3, Dr. Jitendra Patel4
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 21-26
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5. Study of etiology and outcome in newborns presented with respiratory distress.
Dr Anuya Chauhan1, Dr Gargi Pathak2,, Dr Soham Shah3*
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 27-32
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6. Correlation between anthropometric indices and dyslipidemia in T2DM: CHD risk assessment and identification of Metabolic Syndrome.
Dr Kshema Thakur1, Mr Muninder Singh2, Dr Rakesh Jaswal3, Dr Krishan Kumar Sharma4*
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 33-43
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7. Fine needle aspiration cytology of thyroid nodules using The Bethesda system for reporting thyroid cytopathology.
Dr. Hitendra Barot1, Dr. Pooja Thaker2*, Dr. Urvi Parikh3, Dr. Kajal Parikh4
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 44-51
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8. A study of clinico-etiological profile of Diphtheria with special reference to complications & early outcome.
Dr. Bela Shah1, Dr. Sonu Akhani2*, Dr. Monika Solanki3
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 52-57
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9 Role of serum ferritin in dengue and its correlation with disease severity.
Dr. Asha Khubchandani1, Dr. Vidhi Patel2*, Dr. Disha Gajjar1, Dr. Binal Prajapati4
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 58-62
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10. Study of role of pre-operative ultrasonographic evaluation of common bile duct in gall bladder diseases.
Dr. Manoranjan Kuswaha1, Dr. Paltial Palat2, Dr. Jigar Jariwala3, Dr. Jigar Patel4*
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 63-69
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11. Segmental facial morphometrics and gender differences in Gujarati Population.
Dr. Shailesh Patel1, 2, Dr. Jatin Goda3*, Dr. Hrishikesh Jadav4,5
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No 70-74
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Case Reports

12. Case report: A case of fusion of thoracic vertebrae.
Dr. Gudipati Prasanna Lakshmi1*, Dr. Sucheta Chaudhary2
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No 75-78
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13. MRI diagnosis in Metachromatic leukodystrophy: A case report. Dr. Nikunj Patel1, Dr. Shreya Vora2, Dr. Palak Gandhi3*
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 79-83
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14. Adenoid cystic carcinoma of lacrimal gland: A case report. Dr. Smit Shah1, Dr. Ramya Handa2*, Dr. Swati Ravani3
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 84-88
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15. Intracranial chloroma in known case of Acute myeloblastic leukaemia - A case report.
Dr. Darshan Thummar1*, Dr. Hitesh Rajpura2
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No. 89-93
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16. MDCT as a storytelling modality - Delineating the road map taken by Echinococcus inside the human body: A case report.
Dr. Hitesh rajpura1, Dr. Dheeman Sarkar2*, Dr. Darshan Thummar3
Vol-12(2), December 2020, Page No 94-99
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