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Volume 8 Issue 1 June 2016

BJ Kines - National Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

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Editorial by Dr. Bela H. Shah


Original Research Article

1. Utility of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in Evaluation of Breast Lesions
Komal Joshi1*, Nandita Mehta2, Hansa Goswami3
Vol-8(1), June 2016, Page No. 1-6.

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2. Clinical Study of Epidemiology and Histopathological Correlation of Lid Tumours In Indian Population.
Shivani Acharya1*, Ruchika Pattanaik2, Deepak.C.Mehta3, Ruchi Kabra4
Vol-8(1), June 2016, Page No. 7-14.

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3. Correlation of Routine Histo-Pathology, Frozen Section and Squash Preparation in The Diagnosis of Space Occupying Lesions of Central Nervous System
Aritra Ash1*, Mahesh Patel2, Hansa Goswami3
Vol-8(1), June 2016, Page No. 15-20.

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4. Clinical Study of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients with or without Cerebrovascular Feature and Its Correlation with Other Comorbidity / Diabetic Complication
Vivek Sidhapura1*, Bipin Amin2, Amit Potulwar3, Rutul Patel4, Himanshu Meghnathi5, Divyang patel6
Vol-8(1), June 2016, Page No. 21-25.

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5. Histopathological Study and Categorisation of Brain Tumors
Ruchira Wadhwa1*, Purvi Patel2, Hansa Goswami3
Vol-8(1), June 2016, Page No. 26-32.

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Review Article

6. Tianeptine - A Clinical Review.
More Patil Vidita1*, More Patil Vrunda2, Yadav KS3, Gomes M4
Vol-8(1), June 2016, Page No. 33-40.

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7. Perioperative Anaesthetic Management of Bladder Extrophy Patient
Sonal Shah1*, Anisha Chokshi2, Bharat Shah3, Mrunalini Patel4, Parth Shah5
Vol-8(1), June 2016, Page No. 41-47.

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Case Report

8. A Case Report of Successfully Treated Microsporidial Keratitis at a Tertiary Care Centre in Western India
Jagruti Jadeja1*, Ashi Morawala2, Mansi Gondaliya3
Vol-8(1), June 2016, Page No. 48-52.

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