PEER REVIEW POLICY [Double blind peer review]


Journal includes review articles, original research articles, short communications, etc. of medical sciences after being peer reviewed by esteemed faculties of medical science. The journal has a team of editors for each specialty from different parts/states of India. 

An editor act as handling editor for manuscript submitted to his/her section. Number of editors for a particular specialty depends on the submission journal attracts. They are specialist of considerable standing in their field having published articles in national and international journal of MEDICAL SCIENCES. 

The editor makes initial evaluation of submitted script, and if finds suitable, manuscript is sent to two peer reviewers having experience of reviewing manuscript in past. Once the reviews are returned the editor evaluates these and makes an initial recommendation [reject, accept, request minor/major correction]. The manuscript, with reviewer's comments, and the decision from the editor is the sent back to the author. If revision has been required, the editor receives the revised manuscript and then reaches the decision on the manuscript. The editor may send the manuscript back to the reviewer if he finds necessary. 

The criteria used for acceptance of a given manuscript are determined by the reviewer reports.